THE TYRANNY OF STORY: Audience Expectations
and the Short Screenplay
2nd edition

First published in 1998, this book went on to achieve a kind of cult hit status, becoming a textbook for screenwriting courses in film schools across North America, including UCLA, the American Film Institute, and Sheridan College.  The second edition was released in 2009 and represents an expanded, more authoritative take on the art of storytelling in general, and the craft of short screenplay writing in particular.

β€œThe first edition of this book was certainly well received, but I had -deliberately tried to keep it short and simple, easily accessed and soon read by film school students everywhere, and by and large I think I succeeded at that.  With this edition, however, I wanted to leave it behind forever by writing what I hope will be the definitive book on short form screenwriting.”
         - from the Introduction by Ric Beairsto

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